ANC 2G Talks ABCA Licensing


Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2G held its monthly meeting on May 9. Commissioners Anthony “Tony” Brown (2G01, Treasurer), Alexander M. “Alex” Padro (2G02), Sranda Watkins (2G03, Secretary), Steven McCarty (2G04, Vice Chair), Sheena Berry (2G05) and Rachelle Nigro (2G06, Chair) were in attendance. 

Third Police District Report

Lieutenant Alan Herring of the Third Police District noted that they had established a Drug Free Zone in Police Service Area 308 several weeks earlier. The zone led to four arrests. A student was shot at Dunbar High School in April. Herring believed there were arrests in that incident.

Zoning, Planning, and Historic Preservation Committee

404 N Street NW. Seeking support for Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) approval. Committee Chair Nigro reported that residents sent emails supporting the project. A motion to send a letter of support to HPRB passed, 6-0-0.

Alcoholic Beverage & Cannabis Licensing Committee (ABC)

Sane Wine and Spirits, 1201 Fifth Street NW. Class A License renewal. Commissioner Nigro said that she got some complaints about trash at the establishment, but also got accolades about it. Commissioner Padro said there were no incidents on its record and that the committee supported renewal. A vote to support renewal passed, 6-0-0.

Capital Wine and Spirits, 1428 Ninth Street NW.

Class A license renewal. Formerly known as S&W Liquors and 9th & P Liquors, now under new ownership. The liquor store has been at the same location for 80 years. The committee supported renewal of the license. A motion to support renewal passed, 6-0-0.

Mimi’s Liquor Store, 1401 Sixth Street NW.

Class A retail license renewal. There was an incident in June where a minor bought alcohol. Commissioner Berry said that the store was a great neighbor. The committee recommended renewal. A motion to support renewal of the license passed, 6-0-0.

ABT Liquor, 1618 Eighth Street NW.

Class A retail license renewal, along with a substantial change in operation requested. They want an increase in hours of operation. There was an incident last year where liquor was sold after legal hours, partially because the hours of alcohol sales do not match the shop’s hours of operation. A fine was paid for that. There was also a problem with the sale of vape cartridges, which led to a fine.

The committee supported renewal, provided that the vape fine had been paid and that the business contact the Central Shaw Neighborhood Association about their application for renewal. A motion to support renewal of the license passed, 6-0-0. The committee said that it had also supported an extension of the shop’s hours. A motion to support the substantial change passed the commission in a 6-0-0 vote.

Modern Liquors, 901 M Street NW.

Renewal of Class A retail license. The store has been at the same intersection since at least 1938. The committee supported renewal, as did Commissioner McCarty. A motion to support renewal passed, 6-0-0.

STK Steak House, 901 Massachusetts Avenue NW.

Request for a substantial change in operations, including hours of operation, entertainment and carryout and delivery hours. Commissioner McCarty expressed concerns about congestion caused by delivery vehicles on 10th Street. The signs posted there for meal delivery also exacerbated the problem. Representatives for STK said that they understood the concerns, but that take-out is an important part of restaurant operations. They also said that the car congestion seen on 10th Street was coming from the operation of the hotel.

Commissioner Padro said that the committee supported the substantial change only if STK applied to the District Department of Transportation for a Pickup/Drop Off (PUDO) zone and removed the signage at the delivery door on 10th Street. McCarty said that he was willing to drop the removal of signage stipulation if STK would agree to a PUDO zone. A motion to support the substantial change in operations provided that STK apply for a PUDO zone for deliveries passed, 5-1-0.

Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)

Two District Department of Transportation (DDOT) representatives came to explain Notices of Intent (NOIs) for transportation improvements that DDOT planned to introduce in the neighborhood.

Sixth and O NW Vision Zero Hardening. DDOT wanted to expand the concrete sidewalks on each corner of Sixth and O Streets, replacing temporary flexposts currently at the intersection. Commissioner Berry expressed her opposition to extending the curb at the intersection, which would permanently narrow the road. Berry presented a resolution to reject the NOI. It passed in a vote of 5-0-1.

Modification of a Traffic Signal at Sixth and Q. The NOI would add pedestrian access signals to the traffic light poles and add “No Turn on Red” signs at the intersection to reduce quick turns from Q to Sixth. The commission voted to support the NOI, 6-0-0.

500 block of New York Avenue. NOI to change parking around the 500 block of New York Avenue from “Police Vehicles Only” to standard pay-to-park programming. NOI passed, 6-0-0.

Pickup-Drop Off Zone next to Blagden Alley. NOI will install a Pickup-Drop Off Zone for geofenced rideshares serving Blagden Alley on the 1200 block of Ninth Street NW. The commercial loading zone currently at the corner of the block will be moved to south of the Metrobus zone on the block. A motion to support the NOI passed, 6-0-0.

501 New York Avenue NW

Commissioner Nigro announced that the ANC won its appeal to the Board of Zoning Adjustment, arguing that building permits for the creation of a new jail block at 501 New York Avenue were improperly issued. She asked that the commission make another request to the Office of ANCs for a grant to pay the legal fees in the case. The motion passed, 6-0-0.

ANC 2G will hold its next meeting on Thursday, June 13. The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. Plans are to hold this meeting as a virtual conference. Visit for more information.