ANC 2G Discusses Licensing, Public Safety


Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2G met on Thursday, April 11, as a virtual conference. Commissioners Rachelle Nigro (2G06, Chair) called the meeting to order. Commissioners Anthony “Tony” Brown (2G01, Treasurer), Alexander M. “Alex” Padro (2G02), Steven McCarty (2G04, Vice Chair) and Sheena Berry (2G05) were in attendance. 

Third Police District Report

Lieutenant Alan Herring of the Third Police District reported that the homicide at Seventh and P streets that occurred on March 17 remains open. The police are on the lookout for a gray Kia. A carjacking at Seventh and M resulted in three juveniles being arrested. Gunshots were reported March 30. There was a homicide on the 2100 block of Ninth Street. The case remains open, but there is a search for four suspects.

Berry asked about a robbery on the 400 block of P Street. Nigro said that the incident happened that morning. Herring found a report of a robbery on the 100 block of N Street that morning. The victim was approached by three suspects who took a coat, shoes and jewelry.

Alcoholic Beverage & Cannabis Licensing Committee (ABCL)

Angel’s Share Wines and Liquors, 1748 Seventh St. NW, asked for support of its retail liquor store license renewal. Padro said that the investigative history showed no negative items. Brown said the establishment had been a good neighbor. A motion to support renewal passed 5-0-0.

Gilford Liquors, 446 Rhode Island Ave. NW, has requested a Class A retail store license renewal. With no negative items on the record, the committee supported renewal. A motion to support renewal passed unanimously.

Flirt Cocktail Bar and Social Club, 1015½ Seventh St., has requested a new tavern license by a previous establishment owner opening with a new name and new concept. It will be a cocktail lounge catering to the 35 and over crowd. Besides the new tavern license, there was a request for a stipulated license and an entertainment endorsement. There was also a new draft settlement agreement between the establishment and the ANC. Padro mentioned that the committee stressed the importance of having a strong security plan in the agreement. The committee recommended that the ANC support the license request and approve the settlement agreement. A motion to support the tavern license with a stipulated license and entertainment endorsement passed by a vote of 5-0-0. The settlement agreement with Flirt Cocktail Bar and Social Club passed unanimously.

Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)

Two representatives of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) came to present a notice of intent (NOI) to make changes to the intersection of New Jersey Avenue and Morgan Street to improve safety there. Last year, a cyclist in the bike lane was killed when a car made a high-speed left turn from New Jersey Avenue onto Morgan. In order to prevent this from happening again, DDOT proposes to harden the center line of New Jersey with bollards, replace flexiposts on the bike lane and reinforce no-parking areas.

Nigro objected to the plan. She said that the bollards would block northbound access to a driveway to a currently active neighborhood church. She added that the ANC commissioners on the east side of New Jersey Avenue also rejected the plan. She asked the opinion of personnel at the fire station on New Jersey, and they complained that the bollards would complicate their operations. The DDOT staffers responded that the DC Fire Chief did not have an objection to the plan.

Joyce Robinson-Paul, an ANC commissioner from the neighboring commission in Ward 5, joined the meeting to say that a conference at Mount Lebanon Baptist Church had proposed an alternative proposal to deal with the problem. The alternative would call for “Local Traffic Only” on Morgan Street, a limited number of bollards to protect the bike lane and a “No Left Turn” sign on Morgan to achieve the same safety goals with less disruption.

Nigro made a motion to reject DDOT’s NOI but support the recommendations presented by Robinson-Paul. The motion passed unanimously.

A resident presented a resolution to establish full-time residential parking on both sides of Rhode Island Avenue in Shaw. The assumption was that residential parking would help to calm traffic along the thoroughfare. He said he had canvassed businesses and residents in the neighborhood, and everyone supported more residential parking. Padro suggested that the resolution stipulate that the north side of the avenue be designated for residents-only parking, while the south allow two-hour parking without a permit. The resolution, to be sent to DDOT, called for residential parking along Rhode Island from Logan Circle to New Jersey Avenue. The resolution passed unanimously.

501 New York Avenue Jail

Nigro gave an update on her effort to halt moving the District’s cellblock to 501 New York Ave. during the renovation of the Daly Building, the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police. The DC Government’s response to the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) was released the night before. She had not read it yet. The ANC’s attorney will respond soon. A BZA decision on Nigro’s effort to withdraw building permits for the jail project is expected by May 1.

Nigro asked the commission to approve a payment of $804 to the law firm supporting her appeal effort. A motion to approve the payment passed unanimously.

ANC 2G holds its next meeting on Thursday, June 13. Visit for more information.