Ana’s Market Offers Plant-Based Dairy

Ana’s Market owners Justin and Alexia Ramos named their business for one of their children, who inspired their unique milks. Photo courtesy of Ana’s Market.

Vintage milk crates adorn the bright, airy space at Ana’s Market at 1314 ½ Ninth St. NW. However, there is no traditional cow’s milk on offer. The grab and go style cafe features a variety of plant-based milks, drinks and healthy bites crafted from homemade, organic ingredients.

Owner Alexia Ramos first discovered plant-based milk when her daughter, Ana, could not tolerate Similac or other milk products. She experimented in the kitchen with a plethora of alternatives until she found the perfect solution: her signature coconut hemp milk.

Alexia noticed that “all of her [daughter’s] issues went away” when she began drinking the homemade milk and found that it provided all essential nutrients needed for her daughter to grow. She quickly discovered that the benefits of the drink extended to the other members of her family as well.

While serving as a coach, Ramos’s husband found his wife’s creation’s electrolyte contents were the perfect pre- and post-workout recovery drink. Alexia herself also found the drink to be an aid in her weight loss journey. Finding their milk was popular among those seeking cleaner alternatives, they began experimenting with other types of plant-based drinks.

“We believe in a holistic approach when it comes to feeding your body, nutrients, herbs, vegetables and fruit,” Ramos said. The menu has now expanded to a variety of milks, including young coconut, almond, oat and hemp milks.

After starting as a popup, the bricks and mortar Ana’s Market opened in November 2022. In addition to their plant-based milk offerings, Ana’s vegan and vegetarian menu includes a variety of cold pressed juices, smoothies, açaí and smoothie bowls, salads, toasts, soups and sandwiches. Their raw, homemade approach to cooking extends beyond beverages to their nut butters and spreads, maintaining their commitment to clean, healthy offerings.

Staying true to their brand’s lifestyle concept, the store also features handmade, all-natural beauty and skincare products, creating a “one stop shop” experience for the health conscious.

Ana’s Market is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit for more information or to place an order online.

Sarah Payne is a reporter for Capital Community News. She can be reached at