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Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2G held its monthly meeting on June 8 as a virtual conference. Commission Chair Alexander M. “Alex” Padro (2G02) called the meeting to order. Commissioners Anthony “Tony” Brown (2G01, Treasurer), Steven McCarty (2G04, Secretary), Sheena Berry (2G05) and Rachelle P. Nigro (2G06, Vice Chair) were in attendance. The ANC 2G03 seat is currently vacant.

Third Police District Report

Lieutenant Matthew Romeo of the Third Police District noted that there had been a lot of activity during the previous month, particularly on the 200 block of N Street NW. There was a shooting at 401 N Street on May 31. There was a number of cases where juveniles are driving up to cars, tapping the bumper of the car in front of them, and then stealing the car when the victim gets out to check damage. There is still a problem with cars being stolen due to the “Kia Challenge” online that instructs how to steal particular models of autos. Burglaries have gone down, as well as thefts from autos.

Commissioner Nigro asked about the shooting at 401 N Street. Romeo noted that there was an arrest warrant out for the perpetrator. The Lieutenant also mentioned a problem with people loitering in front of the liquor store at Ninth and P Streets. Romeo said that he would assign officers to clean it up.

Commissioner McCarty noted that all the tenants at the Henrietta (933 N Street NW) were being evicted, which has led to a lot of illegal activity there. Romeo replied that he needed details on the people and activities occurring there. McCarty said that some of this is happening early in the morning, between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m.

Commissioner Brown asked what was being done to suppress illegal All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) on the streets. Romeo said that there is now a police taskforce dealing with this. They are making progress identifying ATV owners through social media. He has not heard many complaints about ATVs lately.

A resident said that she sent an email to Assistant Chief Monica Kane about the increase in drug traffic at the Second Northwest Coop. She has not gotten a response yet. There are people brandishing guns there. The resident also brought up drug trafficking at 1219 Fifth Street NW. Romeo responded by saying that they had officers at Fifth and O all the time. He will contact the Crime Suppression Team about the problem.

Florida Avenue Bus Priority Project

Staff from the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) gave a presentation on the Florida Avenue Bus Priority Project. The project area covers Florida Avenue from First Street NE westward to Ninth Street NW. The major buses on this 1.1 mile route, the 90, 92 and 96, see 15,000 riders per day. Unfortunately, the average speed of buses along the route is 6.7 miles an hour, with rush hour speeds considerably slower. The route has also seen a number of traffic crashes over the years, resulting in two fatalities and 199 serious injuries. The project will try to come up with solutions to improve bus mobility, while increasing personal safety.

One of 51 current projects by DDOT, the Florida Avenue project will be closely coordinated with an adjoining bus priority project on U Street, from 16th Street NW to 9th Street NW. There is also the nearby S Street Revitalization project covering the 400 through 600 blocks of S, as well as the triangular area around the Post Office at 416 Florida Avenue NW. The Florida Avenue project will continue to work on solutions, with a final concept presented to the public in the fall. A final design will be completed in 2024, with implementation in 2025.

Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Committee (ABC)

TG Cigars, 1120 Ninth Street NW. Approval of Settlement Agreement. Commissioner Padro recused himself from the discussion, with Commissioner Nigro assuming the chair. Commissioner McCarty explained that work on the agreement started prior to the creation of ANC 2G, involving a separate protest group at the Whitman Apartments. The settlement agreement will end the protest. A motion to approve the settlement agreement passed 4-0.

Commemorative Alley Naming

Brown introduced a resolution to name the alley in Square 475, the block bounded by Fifth Street, S Street, Sixth Street and Florida Avenue NW, “Harmoneon Alley.” Padro noted that the name would commemorate an African American cemetery that was located there from 1829 to 1857. The resolution passed unanimously.

Status of ANC Special Election

Padro noted that the commission still had to fill the vacancy for ANC 2G03. The Board of Elections had received petitions from three candidates for the vacancy, but they could not certify them until the challenge period ended. The special election, conducted by the Office of ANCs, has to take place during a formal public meeting of ANC 2G. The next scheduled commission meeting is July 13, but there may have to be a meeting in August to conduct the election.

The special election can take place in a hybrid virtual/physical meeting, but there must be two commissioners physically present at the meeting site. More details about what needs to be done were expected the following week.

The next meeting of ANC 2G is scheduled for Thursday, July 13. This may change if a meeting is needed to announce a special election to fill the 2G03 vacancy. The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. Plans are to hold this meeting as a virtual conference. Visit www.anc2g.org for more information. 

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