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Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 1B held its June meeting on Thursday, June 1, 2023. Commissioners Sabel Harris (1B08, Chair), Larry Handerhan (1B01, Vice Chair), Sean Holihan (1B02), Jamie Sycamore (1B03), Santiago Lakatos (1B04, Treasurer), Alan Kensek (1B05) and Tucker Jones (1B09, Secretary) were in attendance. ANC 1B06 is currently vacant.

Third Police District

Third Police District Lieutenant Kathleen Monahan discussed the Nightlife Task Force, formed to address the activity on U St. NW, with the commission. The Task Force brings together MPD, FEMS, DDOT, DPW and CSOSA every Friday to work out a game plan for the weekend to keep U Street safe. It has had a positive impact on the area.

Monahan noted that crime statistics are up all over with violent crime up 24 percent and property crime up 43 percent compared to last year. 

Commissioner Kensek asked about the prevalence of guns on the street. Monahan replied that more people are getting permits to carry concealed guns and more people without permits are carrying guns. Some people bring guns to U Street, leave them in their cars and have the guns stolen in break ins.

Commissioner Sycamore asked about the impact of former Police Chief Contee leaving. Monahan replied that there has not been much change since Contee left. Commissioner Lakatos wanted to know information on the death of Calvin Gray on the 1300 block of V Street NW. The reply was that once Homicide takes over a case, information is not released on the incident until it is closed. Commissioner Harris asked about holes that she saw in the window at Busboys and Poets on 14th Street. Monahan said that there have been no reports of gunshots there over the previous 48 hours. Harris also wanted an assurance that the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Task Force did not have a biased operation. The lieutenant said that the previous manager of the force has not been running the program for a while. The police tactic with ATVs is to just discourage people from riding them.

Economic Development Committee

The committee did not meet in May. Noted that the hearing for the Map Amendment for 1617 U Street will come up before the Zoning Commission. District Bridges, which manages Logan Circle Main Streets, wants to get support for an amplified sound permit for their Art All Night festival on September 30. A motion to approve the permit passed unanimously.

Transportation Committee

The committee presented four resolutions to the commission. The first was to support WMATA’s Better Bus Program. A motion to support the resolution passed. The next was on the DC Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) Florida Avenue Bus Priority project. It called for an evaluation of the bus lanes proposed for the project. The resolution passed unanimously. Third was a resolution to support a pilot project on parking for U Street developed by the Mayor’s Office of Nightlife and Culture and DDOT. If the pilot is successful, it will be followed by the development of a plan and the issuance of a Notice of Intent (NOI) by DDOT to implement it. The last resolution was in support of the creation of a tactical roundabout at Barry Place. The letter of support asks for raised crosswalks on the roundabout. The resolution passed.

Alcoholic Beverage Regulation (ABR) Committee

Maydan, 1346 Florida Avenue NW. The ANC has arrived at a settlement agreement. Achieving the agreement may have required the most difficult set of negotiations over the past six months. A motion to approve the agreement passed unanimously.

The committee also produced a letter that they wanted to send to the Alcohol Beverage and Cannabis Administration, asking if the ANC can add a provision to require sensitivity training for employees in a settlement agreement. The issue came up originally with the issue over Nellie’s. It still is not clear if the ANC has the power to require such training. A motion to send the letter passed.

1B06 Vacancy

Harris announced that the 1B06 seat had become vacant. The vacancy has already been posted in the DC Register. She suggested that interested individuals contact one of the ANC Commissioners or the Office of ANCs. Commissioner Kensek noted that 1B06 included Malcolm X Park, which is a site for a number of neighborhood events. He offered to help support activities at the park until the vacancy is filled.

New Business: Naming of Alley

Commissioner Jones introduced a resolution to name an alley at 1021-1027 Euclid Street NW after famed DC artist Alma Thomas. The alley, in a block bounded by 11th Street, Fairmont, Sherman Avenue and Euclid Street, would change to Alma Thomas Court. The developers that want to build on this stretch of land made a presentation to the Transportation Committee in April. They said that the alley had to have a name for the units to have a formal address. The presentation had six different potential names for the alley.

Some residents opposed the alley naming, largely because of the development it was attached to. They also complained that they did not get advance notice of this effort to name the alley. A committee member questioning the need for an alley naming, saying the lots already had a street address. Jones replied that the relevant District agencies said that an alley name is needed for the development. Since the proposal had not taken the form of a motion, consideration of it was deferred to the next ANC meeting.

ANC 1B will hold its next meeting on Thursday, July 6, starting at 6:30 p.m. Plans are to hold this meeting as a virtual conference. Visit www.anc1b.org for more information. 

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