Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6E held its November 2022 meeting on Tuesday evening, November 1. Commission Chair Michael Eichler (6E01) called the meeting to order with Alex Lopez (6E02, Secretary), Rachelle Nigro (6E04, Vice Chair), Patrick Parlej (6E05) and Kevin Rogers (6E07) in attendance. Denise Blackson (6E06) entered the meeting shortly thereafter.

Police Service Area (PSA) Reports

Captain Roth of the First District started by announcing that he would not be providing crime statistics, since the reporting system had been down for a week. Any numbers that he could present would be dated. He did ask for any pressing issues.

Lieutenant Fleming of the Third Police District reported that crime numbers in most categories had decreased. There had been four robberies in the past month.

Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Committee (ABC)

Alexander Padro, chair of the ABC, went over the list of establishments seeking support for renewing their licenses.

Ivy and Coney, 1537 Seventh Street NW. The license includes a roof deck and a summer garden. There were no violations on its record. Commissioner Lopez made a motion to renew, which passed 6-0.

Shaw’s Tavern, 520 Florida Avenue NW. There was one item in its investigative history, a failure to control litter. The manager of the tavern stated that they had changed their trash contractor. A motion to renew the license passed unanimously.

Prather’s on the Alley, 455 I Street NW. The establishment had three items on its investigative history. The owner explained that the three infractions were all due to a pop-up that had been established in the restaurant during the pandemic. Commissioner Parlej said that he had not heard any complaints from the community. His motion to renew passed 5-0.

Melange, 449 K Street NW. Renewal of a license with an entertainment endorsement. No investigative history. Commissioner Parlej motioned to renew, which passed 5-0.

600 T, 600 T Street NW. Commissioner Lopez started by stating that there was a deficiency in the Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) placard publicly announcing the renewal, since it did not state that the establishment wanted to have the license cover a summer garden.

The owner said that he is in the process of getting his Certificate of Occupancy updated so that the operation of his business would include a summer garden. Padro reiterated that the commission should not support a renewal if the ABRA placard did not include all the endorsements the business was seeking.

Commissioner Lopez said that he could support renewing the license provisions currently stated on the placard. Any endorsements to the license would have to come as amendments that would go before ABRA. Lopez’s motion to do this passed.

La Jambe, 1550 Seventh Street NW. Padro said it did not have an investigative history. Commissioner Eichler mentioned that DDOT complained about the picket fence that they erected on their streatery, obstructing driver’s view pedestrians crossing the street. The owner replied that the fencing DDOT objected to had been removed as of that day. The commission voted to support the renewal.

Jake’s Tavern, 1606 Seventh Street NW. Tavern has no investigative history and the ABC supported renewal of its license. The commission voted to support renewal.

Dacha Beer Garden, 1600-1602 Seventh Street NW. License includes an indoor entertainment endorsement. The establishment had two items on its investigative history, both successfully resolved. The ABC supported renewal of the license. Commissioner Eichler made a motion to support renewal, which passed 6-0.

The Passenger, 1539 Seventh Street NW. There were two items on its investigative history. One was an incident when there was no alcohol manager on duty. Since then, they have increased the number of trained managers. The second citation involved the need to file for a change in trade name for their restaurant pop-up, Qui Qui, located upstairs. A motion to renew the license passed 6-0.

Electric Cool-Aid, 512 Rhode Island Avenue NW. It has no investigative history. A motion to support renewal passed 6-0.

Quattro Osteria, 1840 Sixth Street NW. Commissioner Lopez informed the commission that he was still in negotiations for a settlement agreement with the owner. The ANC currently has an open protest of the license.

11th Street Protected Bike Lane Concept

DDOT gave a presentation of an initial concept for installing protected bicycle lanes along 11th Street. The proposal was started when a number of ANCs, including ANC 6E, requested that DDOT consider a new bike lane project along the street.

The concept would have protected bike lanes along 11th Street from Monroe Street down to Pennsylvania Avenue. The bicycle lanes would go along the curb of both sides of the street, with car parking between the bike and travel lanes. The current spaces on 11th Street designated for diagonal parking would be turned into parallel spaces.

Commissioner Lopez wanted the commission to pass a resolution supporting the concept. Commissioner Nigro asked DDOT if they could try to present the concept before the community. DDOT replied that their contact with the community was limited to their work with the ANCs. Commissioner Eichler added a friendly amendment to the resolution encouraging DDOT to do further outreach. The amended resolution passed 6-0.

Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)

Commissioner Lopez, TAC Chair, introduced had three resolutions that the committee wanted the ANC to pass.

Safety on Q and Sixth Streets. Commissioner Lopez explained that something had to be done at Q and Sixth Streets after a parent and student were struck by an SUV while walking to Seaton Elementary. After working with Seaton and its Parent-Teacher organization, he developed a list of improvements that DDOT could implement to improve safety. When he went over the list, which included removing a lane of traffic on Sixth Street, Commissioner Nigro objected that the resolution was asking for things to which the community had yet to agree. By a vote of two yeas, one no and three abstentions, the commission voted to pass the resolution on to DDOT.

Intersection of Q and 8th Streets. A neighborhood resident reported that due to a storm drain, cars making a sharp turn at Q and 8th Streets were being damaged. The resolution suggested installing turn hardening at the intersection. Commissioner Eichler affirmed that he had seen the drain blow car tires. The resolution passed 5-0.

Resident Parking in 6E04. Commissioner Nigro pressed for a resolution to establish Enhanced Resident Parking Permitting (ERPP) in her Single Member District 6E04. She noted that other portions of the District have ERPP where one side of the street is reserved for parking for neighborhood residents. She said that ERPP has become a vital need with the resumption of Convention Center activity and the planned MidCity Development apartment building in the neighborhood. The commission passed the resolution asking DDOT to establish ERRP in 6E04.

Comments on Changes to Inclusionary Zoning Downtown

Commissioner Lopez brought up that the Office of Planning (OP) is seeking comments on possible changes to the inclusionary zoning rules for Downtown DC. When inclusionary zoning, which requires new residential construction to devote a percentage of units to affordable housing, was enacted, there were areas of downtown that were excluded from the initiative. Last year, the DC Attorney General asked the Zoning Commission to eliminate this exemption. OP wants to get comments from the affected ANCs, including ANC 6E, before suggesting a move. A resolution supporting removal of the inclusive zoning exemption for downtown zones passed unanimously.

ANC 6E will hold its next meeting on Tuesday, December 6 at 6:30 p.m. Plans are to hold this meeting as a virtual conference. Visit for more information.