Visit Yoga Heights for Unique Classes

Yoga Heights owner Jess Pierno has brought aerial yoga to Shaw. Photo: Sandi Gohn, courtesy Yoga Heights.

With a variety of styles including vinyasa, yin, power, kids, aerial and prenatal yoga, Yoga Heights has something for everyone. 

Owner and founder Jess Pierno moved to DC for graduate school and was working in a government office when she discovered yoga as a student. She took a teacher training course to learn about the “full picture” of the practice of yoga and fell in love with the teaching aspect. 

Pierno opened her first location nearly eight years ago and said she loves her work and the change of pace it offers. 

“The instant gratification that comes from teaching yoga is amazing,” Pierno said. “You teach and immediately those people who were in front of you for that class have a little bit better day, feel a little bit less stressed and feel a little bit healthier. It’s very different from working in a government office where things move very slowly and it just really kind of spoke to me on a lot of different levels. So I decided to dive in.”

Diversity not only in the styles of yoga offered, but also in their instructors was key for the studios, Perino said. 

“We’ve really worked to hire a fantastic team who have training in the different areas,” Pierno noted. “We’ve also really worked to make sure that our teaching team is diverse and represents all the people of DC. That’s been a real focus for us.” 

Their newest location in Shaw also offers aerial yoga classes, where participants can learn moves, deepen stretches and try something new in a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling. According to Pierno, Yoga Heights is the only studio in the District to offer aerial yoga.  

“It’s a really nice complement to other forms of exercise or other forms of yoga, because you’re utilizing your muscles in a different way,” Pierno observed. “Plus, it’s just really fun to swing, and play and flip upside down and do tricks.” 

Pierno wants the community to know that their studios are open and safe for practice. The studios have taken several precautions, including requiring proof of a full COVID-19 vaccine series, including a booster shot, for all students and teachers in the studio. Additionally, the studios offer both mask-optional and mask-required classes and several outdoor class options. 

Drop-in classes are $24 and the studio offers several monthly packages with reduced rates. They also offer a work-study program that provides unlimited monthly classes to students who dedicate three or more hours each week to staffing the desk or cleaning the studio. 

Yoga Heights has three locations throughout the District, including Yoga Heights Georgia Ave. (3506 Georgia Ave. NW), Yoga Heights Takoma (255 Carroll St. NW) and their newest location, Yoga Heights Shaw (905 U St. NW). The studios are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sunday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, with instructors offering approximately 70 classes each week. You can learn more about Yoga Heights and view their schedule of classes at