Library of Congress Needs a Few Citizen DJs


The Library of Congress is celebrating its 220th birthday with a present for music-makers and music-lovers everywhere: a chance to play with Citizen DJ, at

citizen-dj, a groundbreaking project that inspires hip-hop music-making from home and opens new doors into the Library’s extensive audio collections. The public can experience Citizen DJ and provide feedback by visiting the test site (above) and following the prompts. The demo takes about 15 minutes to complete. User testing is open now. To stay up-to-date on Citizen DJ when it goes live in Summer 2020, visit

Using some of the Library’s free-to-use audio and moving image collections, Citizen DJ enables users to select short samples to create their own beats and sound mixes. By using the tool, musicians, students, researchers and curious citizens alike can discover items in the Library’s vast collections that they likely would never have known exist.