Celebrate Your Grads in MidCity DC

Send Us Photos of Grads, Big School Moments


Let’s celebrate the educational accomplishments of our students! The June issue of MidCity DC will be the education issue. We want to publish photos of our students and recognize the acheivements of those grads who triumphed, finishing their studies despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 outbreak.

We’d love to publish photos of your students. We’re interested in photos of graduates. Photos can show students graduating from high school, college, pre-K, middle school –whichever milestone they have completed. Ideal photos will clearly celebrate grad, with students dressed in cap and gown or with a sign celebrating their triumph!

We’d also love to see photos of significant moments at your child’s school for publication in our June issue. These could include performances, awards, celebrations of special days.

Send photos to us via email at Leads@HillRag.com. Include the student’s name, school and grade, pluse the parent name and the neighborhood where the student lives.

Photos should be sent by Wednesday, May 27. The June issue of MidCity DC News will be distributed Saturday, June 6.

Let’s celebrate the ability of our students to triumph through it all!