Amadeus at the Folger

Ian Merrill Peakes as Salieri and Samuel Adams as Mozart, Amadeus, Folger Theatre, Nov. 5 to Dec. 22, 2019. Photo: Brittany Diliberto

Genius and jealousy collide in the opulent salons and opera houses of 18th- Century Vienna. When an impulsive and eccentric prodigy outshines an envious, God-fearing composer consumed by bitterness, theatrical fireworks emerge. The mediocre Salieri will do everything in his power to destroy his musical rival. In 1981, Amadeus won five Tony Awards including Best Play. It was also a beloved 1984 movie that won the Oscar for Best Picture of the Year. The Folger Shakespeare Theatre brings it to life from Nov. 5 to Dec. 22. Tickets are $27 to $85.