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The Magic Flute

This great adventure starts with an unexpected pair: Tamino, a handsome young prince and Papageno, his silly bird-catcher sidekick. When the mysterious Queen of the Night enlists the duo to rescue her kidnapped daughter Pamina, a fantastic journey follows. Armed with a magic flute and bells, they are prepared for whatever trials they may face. However, not all is as it seems. And, not everyone can be trusted. Friends will become foes and enemies will become allies in Mozart’s final and beloved opera. A whimsical production designed by children’s author/illustrator Maurice Sendak, known for his rumpus-filled artistry, sets a playful landscape for this enchanting fairy tale. Rich with colorful characters, unforgettable vocal acrobatics and evocative symbols and allegory, Tamino’s quest for love and truth is fantastical entertainment for all ages. On stage at the Kennedy Center Opera House from Nov. 2 to 23. Tickets are $29 to $299. kennedy-center.org.

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