Two New Commissioners Join ANC 6E


Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6E has two new commissioners, one elected as recently as this month. Michael Brown defeated incumbent Anthony Brown for the 6E02 seat in the general election in November. 6E04 incumber David Jaffe withdrew from the race but his name was still on the ballot for the election. Jaffe was elected, though others attempted write-in campaigns, which triggered a special election for the seat in March, which was won by Rachelle Nigro.

ANC 6E covers the neighborhoods northeast of Mount Vernon Triangle, bordering Florida Avenue and North Capitol Street.

6E02 Michael J. Brown
Michael Brown was emboldened to get involved in neighborhood politics when President Trump was elected. Like many, he saw the need for individuals to make their voices heard within their own communities. A resident of Shaw, Brown has lived in DC for 22 years and works as a SAS programmer for the Medicare database.

“The absolute best thing about being a commissioner is getting to know my neighbors. Making a personal connection with each of the residents of my single member district is what is most important to me,” explains Brown.

His primary goal is to bring his district together, getting more people to attend meetings and volunteer in local community projects. He believes that bringing all members of the neighborhood together will allow them to express their needs and work collectively. “My primary goal is to get the residents in my single-member district to become familiar with one another and the issues confronting their immediate area and the issues confronting their neighbors. I am attempting to do this by getting more people to attend the neighborhood commission meetings.”

Rachelle Nigro

6E04 Rachelle Nigro
As a former commissioner and community-relations professional, Nigro is no neophyte to public service. Nigro served as commissioner for three consecutive terms from January 2011 until December 2016. She decided not to run again in 2017 in order to allow for a diversity of voices, but felt compelled to put her name forward for the special election for the seat previously held by David Jaffe, who withdrew from the race too late to remove his name from the ballot and subsequently ended up winning.

Nigro hopes her experience of working with community groups and government entities will help solve the problems faced by her constituents. “I want to always continue to work with agencies like the Metropolitan Police Department, Department of Public Works and the Department of Transportation to make sure constituents have their issues addressed and that the area is safe for residents and visitors,” explains Nigro.

Communication within the community is key. “The most important thing to me as commissioner is that I have frequent and transparent communication with my constituents. I accomplish this on a daily basis by using social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It provides an opportunity for constituents to get information and provide feedback. The best part of being commissioner is being a positive and proactive liaison between the DC government and my constituents.”


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