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Friday, July 19, 2024

DC Health Link Offers Aid With Tax Penalty

DC Health Link has created a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for residents who learn about the individual responsibility requirement for the first time when filing their 2018 tax returns.

The requirement was created by a new DC law mandating that all residents have health coverage in 2019, get an exemption, or pay a tax penalty on their DC taxes. DC enacted this law in response to the repeal of the federal individual responsibility penalty.  The penalty is based on the number of months an individual or family goes without health coverage and closely mirrors former federal law.

The goal of this law is to keep people covered and maintain affordable coverage — not to charge a tax penalty.   If you are uninsured and learn about this new law when filing your taxes, you can call DC Health Link customer service at (855) 532-5465 to obtain a Special Enrollment Period which lasts 60 days to enroll in health insurance through DC Health Link and avoid or minimize the tax penalty.

DC Health Link offers 25 private health insurance options from CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kaiser Permanente for individuals and families. Eligible District residents can enroll in a health insurance plan online through DCHealthLink.com or by calling (855) 532-5465. Small businesses—as well as individuals and families eligible for Medicaid—can enroll through DCHealthLink.com any time throughout the year.

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