ANC 6E Report


Commissioners Alex Padro (6E01), Anthony Brown (6E02), Frank Wiggins (Vice Chair and Treasurer, 6E03), Alex Marriott (Chair, 6E05), Alvin Judd (6E06), and Kevin Rogers (6E07) made up the quorum to conduct official business at the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6E June meeting. David Jaffe (Secretary, 6E04) was absent.

“Save our Tips” Requests Support for Opposing Initiative #77
A representative from the “Save our Tips” initiative spoke to the commission and audience on the subject of tipped employees having a great earning potential in the District. On the June 19 primary election ballot, Initiative #77 will be up for a vote. If passed, it would guarantee employees earn minimum wage but eliminate the tip credit system in the process. The representative noted that tipped employees currently potentially earn between $20 and $40 an hour and passage of this initiative would do great damage to servers and bartenders. Such a reduction and upending of the system could be catastrophic for workers who live in an area with such high residential rental prices. He requested that the commission support a resolution that would protect tipped employees by preserving their tipped wages.

Commissioner Padro moved and Chair Marriott seconded that the commission support a resolution that would protect the tipping system and will communicate it in writing to Mayor Muriel Bowser. The motion passed unanimously.

BZA Support Request for 10th Street Construction
Architect Charles Warren and owner Marc Laurent requested support for their Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) application to construct a new residential building at 1735-1737 10th St. NW. The building will have a total of four flats with two of them meeting the Median Family Income (MFI) requirements and are required to be three-bedroom units. The properties are twin lots and the applicant is requesting relief for parking requirements, occupancy requirements, a minimum rear yard requirement, and minimum side yard requirements. Commissioner Brown noted that the ANC 6E Development and Zoning Committee unanimously support the relief request and Commissioner Padro said that he will ask Councilmember Charles Allen to hold a meeting regarding the nearby alley that is in bad condition.

Commissioner Padro moved and Commissioner Brown seconded that the commission support the BZA application and communicate it in writing to BZA. The motion passed unanimously.

Modification Request for K Street Hotel Development
Cozen O’ Conner representative, Meredith Moldenhauer, requested a Modification Request to Planned Unit Development for a new hotel that BZA approved in 2016. It will be a 247 key hotel with no residential units. The relief is for two 30-foot loading berths and a special exception for a 14 percent driveway grade. Ms. Moldenhauer said that the hotel will have an internal trash room which should ease concerns of rodent problems.

Commissioner Rogers moved and Chair Padro seconded that the commission support the request and communicate it to BZA. The motion passed unanimously.

Request for Roof Deck Seating Capacity Increase
Louie Hankins of Rito Loco, located at 606 Florida Ave. NW, requested an occupancy load change to their roof deck to an addition of 18. This would change the total capacity from the first floor to the roof deck of 79 to 97. Commissioner Padro noted that the ANC 6E Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Licensing Committee met with the applicant and recommends that the commission support the occupancy change for their Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) license.

Commissioner Brown moved and Commissioner Padro seconded that the commission support Rito Loco’s occupancy change request and will communicate it to the ABC Board and ABRA. The motion passed by a vote of five to one. There was one abstention by Commissioner Wiggins.

HPRB Design Concept Support Request
An applicant that will be submitting a design concept for a property located at 1110 Sixth St. NW to the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) requested the commission to support it. The applicant stated that the property, formerly used as a hostel, is currently in rough shape. The historic façade of the building will be kept and five units will be built in the building with a penthouse. The penthouse unit will be set back and not visible from the street. The applicant has received letters of support from the properties neighbors for the design concept. Commissioner Brown said the ANC 6E Development and Zoning Committee met and support the application.

Commissioner Brown moved and Commissioner Wiggins seconded that the commission support the design concept request and will communicate the support in writing to HPRB provided that the design cannot be seen from the Sixth Street viewpoints. The motion passed unanimously.

Parking Change Proposal
Commissioner Brown spoke before the commission on behalf of the owners and residents of Wiltberger Street, NW who are requesting residential parking that is now on the east side of the block be moved to the west side. The owners of the seven row homes on Wiltberger Street have an extremely narrow sidewalk and parking on the west side of the street would increase the number of parking spaces. Parking on the west side would reduce the noise of cars parking on the street which becomes more of a problem with the Howard Theatre crowd and those who go out at night. Further development on Wiltberger Street also makes the parking change more urgent.

ABC License Renewals
The commission voted to approve ABRA License renewals for the Cloarkroom and Guilford Liquor. The establishments are respectively located at 476 K St. NW and 446 Rhode Island Ave. NW. Commissioner Padro said that Guilford Liquor has been in business for over 10 years and although there was a previous problem with sales to minors, personnel changes have been made.

Motions for both license renewals passed by a vote of five to one with an abstention from Commissioner Wiggins on each vote.