“The Snowy Day” Forever Stamps Issued

“Ezra Jack Keats (1916-1983) was a pioneer in American children’s literature. He based the lives of his multiracial characters on his childhood but added loving parents, friends and pets. He wanted no child to be an outsider. ‘If we could see each other exactly as the other is,” he wrote, “this would be a different world.’” Image: Courtesy of the United States Post Office

The Snowy Day forever stamps, issued nationwide in October, are based on an award-winning children’s book by Ezra Jack Keats. In this Caldecott Award-winning book, a small boy named Peter experiences the joy of a snowy day. First published in 1962, this now-classic book broke the color barrier in mainstream children’s publishing. The vivid and ageless illustrations and text, beloved by several generations of readers, have earned a place in the pantheon of great American children’s literature. ezra-jack-keats.org.