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Self-Discovery through Numerology

Dr. Natalie Boulware-Scott. Naturopathic Physician and Numerologist. Lavender Retreat Wellness Club

Dr. Natalie Boulware has a special gift. She can take a person’s birthdate and, using mathematics, discern unique and positive characteristics of her client which can help that person begin to answer the ‘why’ questions of life.

Dr. Boulware practices numerology, the study of a number’s symbolism. The practice is used to determine an individual’s personality, talents, strengths, inner needs, obstacles, ways of dealing with others and emotional interactions.

“Often the places we feel stuck in our lives manifest in our relationships, our mental health and eventually in the physical body,” explained Dr. Boulware. “Numerology looks at the impact emotions have on physical disease. Then once person gets clarity about their life purpose and the gifts they offer, they can get a new perspective on life’s challenges and hopefully work through them.”

Dr. Boulware, a naturopathic doctor, took a course in numerology while studying in Arizona. “I wanted to study it because the link between negative emotional experiences and physical disease is often left unexplained and untreated.” Her own readings helped her to better understand why she was the way she was as a child. “I was called a mature, serious kid growing up. That bothered me.” Through her numerology sessions, Natalie discovered the personality characteristics she didn’t understand were those that defined who she is today. “The maturity and sense of responsibility I had as a child enhances my skills as teacher, guide and a doctor today. Numerology gave me a core understanding of who I was then and who I am now.”

What is Numerology?
Numerology is a system of mathematical calculations to determine tendencies and likelihoods. Some systems use both the birth date and birth name but the Sanskrit system Dr. Boulware uses taught to her by her Sikh master is based on birth date.

The roots of numerology date back thousands of years with variations of it found in most cultures throughout history. Many mathematicians throughout time have studied it. In fact, Pythagoras, the father of geometry, who formed many basic theorems forming the foundations of modern math, has been credited for formally organizing numerology in ancient Greece about 2600 years ago.

It is a metaphysical science similar to astrology. Numerology deals with the influence of numbers on objects and people while astrology deals with the influence of the planets, the sun and the moon.

Numerology doesn’t require belief or faith because its results are determined mathematically. How these results apply depend on an individual’s circumstances and a person’s own self-determination.

This practice is used to help determine an individual’s personality, talents, strengths, inner needs, obstacles, ways of dealing with others and emotional interactions. Whether you use numerology in your own life to confirm talents, explore and take advantage of opportunities or simply use it to help determine the next step, it is a useful tool for helping to understand yourself.

What are the benefits?
Numerology can benefit anyone and everyone says Dr. Boulware. “At Lavender Retreat we invite our clients to adopt a wellness lifestyle. Although many people have heard of the concept of mind-body medicine, not many have actually felt or benefited from it,” she explained. “When coupled with body therapy like Reiki or Reflexology, our clients not only feel relaxed but also can begin to release the negative impacts of heavy emotions like disappointment, despair and shame. As this process evolves clients can fell more energetic, flexible and resilient – the hallmarks of healthy aging.”

Numerology can help a teenager who might be working to understand how to fit in. It can help them better understand who they are and what makes them unique. For an adult, numerology can provide a roadmap to navigate through life. It can also be beneficial for older adults to help them gain a new perspective on challenges faced as they age.

I had my first numerology session with Dr. Boulware last month. I was curious. My desire for myself, my students, my clients and my readers is for all of us to live our best lives possible. What that means to me is that no matter what age, what physical distinctions, personal history or current situation we all can be pain free, flexible and strong in mind, body and spirit and free to do whatever we want that will make us happy. I had no expectations of what my session would reap but I was open to experiencing any path that can give me more information about myself.

Dr. Boulware invited me to write down two or three ideas of what I wanted to learn from the session. She also encouraged me to take notes as she explained what she found from my numbers.

During the ‘discovery’ session at Lavender Retreat I learned that a characteristic of my personality since I was a child – my booming voice – that often elicited a negative reaction from people over the years, is actually a gift that has helped define my presence in the world. Another personality ‘flaw’ – my compulsion to tell the truth – is also a gift that is a reason why I do what I do today.

Through numerology I am looking at the ‘gifts’ I have and focusing how to use them to unlock more positivity in my life and in the lives of those with whom I come into contact.

Dr. Boulware suggests the second numerology session or ‘follow-up’ occur a month to several months after the first. “Clients need time to digest what they discovered and work with what they learned. They come back with questions, they can ask for clarification or more direction.”

What Dr. Boulware revealed to me during our session became clearer during the weeks following the meeting. It’s exciting to me figuring out ways each day to apply what I learned. I look forward to our follow-up session. Numerology is a useful tool for anyone seeking to experience more happiness or simply a better understanding about who they are and how they can live their life at their best.

For more information on numerology contact Dr. Natalie Boulware at Lavender Retreat: 202-450-2329.

Pattie Cinelli is a holistic fitness practitioner who works with clients who want to bring their mind and body more into sync, who want feel better, stronger, more balanced and confident to do whatever he/she wants. Pattie blends yoga, Pilates and core fitness philosophy into a unique program for clients. She works in clients’ homes, offices or at Sport & Health Gym. Pattie’s been writing her health/fitness column for more than 25 years. Please contact Pattie at: fitness@pattiecinelli.com.

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